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Affordable, fun, effective training

Sit, down, come, go to place … these commands and more but not just in your house but in the real world.  Can you call your dog to you when he spots another dog?  Will he sit when his favourite human is approaching?  Distance, duration and distractions are what makes the ultimate dog.  It takes time and dedication and understanding the dog in front of you and where they are at in their training journey. 

Walking on a leash is a necessary skill in today’s world but most dogs are expected to just know how.  Not a realistic expectation. 

Jumping, mouthing, housebreaking are often reasons dogs are surrendered but they didn’t get the memo that what is natural to them is not ok in our world so set them up for success by making the right thing easy and the wrong thing hard  

Understand training philosophy.  In the dog world of warring philosophies it’s very hard for new owners to understand who is correct.  It’s not that simple!  R+, balanced, aversives, no aversives  is all very confusing.  It’s scary times in the dog training world when people are sending their dogs for board and train and the dogs are dying at the hands of trainers.  However there are excellent trainers in every camp.  All good trainers will start with positive training.  Very few trainers are truly purely positive, dog jumps up you turn around, that’s a correction, you took away what the dog wanted and it’s a negative punishment.  At no time is abuse ever acceptable.  There is an huge difference between positive punishment such as pulling on a leash when your dog is in danger and abusing a dog.  Also not acceptable is relying on food rewards which many trainers now agree is causing problems as owners aren’t taught to proof their training.  All dogs should start with lots of food rewards however it’s a great day when you ask the dog to do something and get immediate compliance with no food and no aversives  just a dog happy to play the training game. Owners do your research and if you don’t feel comfortable with what that trainer does to your dog find another.  A wagging tail tells you all you need to know 😊 .


PRIVATE:  Your home anywhere within 30 minutes of Brockville $65. Travel expenses outside that area  are .25c per km.

PRIVATE at my farm:  $55



Available as of March 20 2024

Within 30 minutes of Lyn (Brockville) I am offering IN YOUR HOME  TRAINING for busy dog owners.  Instead of a 30 minute walk with a dog walker how about a 30 minute training session?  This will be tailored to your dog and you don’t need to be there, although you definitely can be involved.  You will get a follow up email after every session explaining what was done and your homework.  It can include things like working on leash reactivity, jumping on people or just basic obedience.  

Cost is $30 for 30 minutes or $125 per week.

Offered Monday to Friday from 10 until 3 as time permits. 

ONLINE CONSULTS:  $79/month 

UNLIMITED online training tailored to your circumstances.  Much better than and cheaper than online apps.  Great for busy dog owners. This isn’t a training course you buy online this is tailored to you and your dog and the problems you are having.  There are lots of excellent online courses, problem is you wave the cookie and Fido ignores you and there is no feedback, or you watch the video ten times but don’t really “get it”.  This will allow you to email me or message for imput and suggestions.  You can send video and ask any questions.  You can tailor the training program to your dog!  Puppies will hugely benefit as you can nip problems before they become issues.  Learn to correctly socialize your puppy ….hint this does not involve running up to strange dogs and jumping on them! Things such as reactivity towards other dogs require understanding why your dog is reactive and a step by step plan to help.  Separation anxiety is really tough to deal with but lots of dogs can be helped with a solid plan and feedback as to what is helping and what isn’t helping.  Unfortunately cookie cutter solutions are not always practical as different breeds, different living circumstances and even the experience of the owner make a big difference.  This is an economical way to get help when busy owners are having problems and dogs are being surrendered at an alarming rate.  A month long customized plan will go a long way to helping troubled dogs. 


I am not a kennel, the dog lives in my house with my dogs.  Price includes lifetime ongoing support for the owner after the dog goes back home.  

Board and train is $1700/month

$900 for two weeks

$500 per week


Offered only for client dogs.  Travel knowing your dog will be part of my family.  Quiet and safe environment.  I have dogs that come all the way from Toronto area to stay with me.  Open door policy you are welcome to check on your dog anytime.  Vaccinations at owners discretion, you do not need kennel cough unless your dog daycares or goes to dog parks.  $40 per 24 hours.  Very limited basis as it is home care not a kennel.  

Please contact Cheryl by phone or email for your training needs.  I do not offer an online sign up because I won’t take your money if I can’t help you and your dog. 



Serving Brockville, Kingston, Ottawa, Perth, Gananoque, Smiths Falls, Kemptville and surrounding areas.