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Training philosophy

No two dogs are the same even within the same breed so all dogs must be trained as individuals.  Training is science based and without knowledge of how dogs think training won't be successful.  However all the knowledge in the world won’t help you when your high drive dog sees a squirrel and you tell him “no” …not only does your dog speak another language but chasing that squirrel is in his DNA …what will change that behavior is a solid training  program based in rewards and management.  The dog in photo is a 9 month old terrier and yes she left the bunny and came to me 🥰. 

Training is simply teaching your dog a series of good habits and it's not always easy but it's worth it to have a dog you truly enjoy.  Obedience is great for the competition ring and wonderful to bond with your dog but dogs that can wow you with their heel but can't be left out of a crate are not practical for most people.  There are a lot of great trainers that can teach your dog to run an agility course but over 90% of dogs are strictly family pets.  Just like learning other skills dogs need to learn to be just a pet.  Unfortunately many people think dogs should just have the skills and when they don't the dog suffers.  Working with your dog is fun and rewarding and benefits both you and the dog.  There’s no such thing as a perfect dog simply because what is perfect for you may not be for someone else.  Personally I love my terriers but I understand their limitations and what they need to be happy dogs.  I also know high drive dogs don’t suit every lifestyle.  All the training in the world is not going to make a working line Belgian Malinois a couch potato.  If you love your dog you will make your dog the best it can be! 

I'm not really training the dog I'm training the owner to understand the dog they have!

Why the name Neverland?  First because I’m a huge Disney person.  Second because I feel a lot of lost dogs can be saved with faith, trust and pixie dust … it’s not as complicated and stressful raising a dog as many people think it is and it’s suppose to be fun!  You need knowledge and skills but you also just need to put it the time and be patient and have fun! 

Serving Brockville, Gananoque, Kingston, Ottawa, Perth, Smiths Falls, Kemptville and surrounding areas. 

About myself:

All about me

I've always loved dogs and they have been a huge part of my life.  Being a horse person dogs are pretty much a given.  My house has always been a multi dog household with all the fun that goes with it.  Along with my own dogs I usually have at least one foster.  It's probably due to a few challenging fosters over the years that I became fascinated with the science behind training dogs and learning all I could about what makes dogs what they are.  About a decade ago with my daughter grown up and less time at horse shows I started training professionally.  I don't specialize in agility, obedience, bite work etc. there are many great sport trainers but in the family dog, the one who needs to be a good pet.  At a time in history where dogs are suffering because we humans have put unrealistic expectations on them, along with bad breeding and people buying unsuitable breeds, pet owners need help.  I've heard so often that raising a puppy is so hard and it shouldn't be, it should be fun.  Hoping I can help a few lost dogs and let owners see how amazing that bond can be.  I've made so many long term friends by helping them see they need a good dog not a perfect dog but mostly they need to have fun.  Afterall you got the dog to lower stress not raise it!

After semi retirement I have moved from Durham region Ontario to Brockville area and my lovely 21 acre farm is perfect for dog training.   The farm is quiet and ideal for animals.  No kennelled dogs here all are part of the family.  I do this because I love it.  I am constantly trying to improve and learn more and I'm always listening to that troubled dog and trying to figure out how to help it because I love happy endings fact  I just got a video from my most recent foster who had to have the crate brought into the house when he arrived because he was so fear aggressive, running full tilt to his new owner because his recall is so awesome ....confidence was all he needed.  Those moments make dog training great.